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April 23, 2012

April 2, 2012

What's up righteous babes?!  Dang what a splendid week!  There was so much good that went on.  So I think Monday and Tuesday my patience with Elder Boam was very rapidly melting away and I felt the inclination to punch him but I held back!  That night I half heartedly said we should study "How to Strengthen a Companionship" out of Preach My Gospel (where this is contained, I know not) and Elder Boam agreed.  The next morning I woke up and for some reason I kept thinking of the words Christlike attributes (which location of where it is contained, I am aware).  So we read through all of them for Christlike attributes and as we did this I felt a very strong love for Elder Boam and just from reading this, a strong friendship developed.  Ever since that study, things have been great with us:)  Our numbers greatly increased this week too!  A man in the ward, Brother Oyer, has a son who is 26 that we are teaching and he is great!  He lives with his girlfriend, Melissa and their new baby girl, Angelina (she is such a cute baby!!)  We taught them about how we get answers to prayers and what they feel like and they committed to reading the Book of Mormon and being baptized!  We were also able to do a bit more street contacting and found a couple guys who are very interested in continuing to talk to us!  One of those guys is Brett, he is probably in his mid thirties and has a family and he is really religious, we are not sure which congregation though.  Anyways, he had some deep questions which I didn't know for sure how to answer.  His main questions had to do with why do we need more books when the Bible already tells that for us to be saved we need to have faith in Christ and repent of our sins and it’s as simple as that.  He also wanted to know what set us apart from other religions and I knew the answer of course, but didn't know in which manner I should present my answer.  I prayed a lot about these things and asked that my prayers be answered by those speaking in conference, and if any of you men remember the first line of the first talk in priesthood session by Elder Bednar, "The Priesthood authority is what sets us apart from all other religions."  I marveled at how clearly my prayers were answered continually through out the rest of conference by other speakers.  It was such a great day for Elder Boam and me.  The senior couple from Chambersburg, my last area, was able to give me some great advice on what lessons to teach and I am so thankful for the Kenleys!  Ugh just a sick week guys!  I appreciate everyone's prayers and support!  Oh so I have a funny joke I heard from this less active guy!  Here it is: “The Pope called a meeting in the Vatican with all the cardinals and priests and many others, telling them the news was urgent.  The Pope began by telling them he had good news and bad news.  The good news is that Jesus Christ has returned and is back on the Earth and is living once again among us.  All the cardinals and priests jumped and shouted for joy!  What could the bad news be??  Nothing can ruin this glorious occasion!  Well brethren....he called from Salt Lake!  Hahahaha, ugh I loved this joke!!!!!  Well, I love you guys!

Catching up...

We are behind in updating Trey’s blog (so sorry, Trey)!  He has just had his first transfer and is now serving in Jamestown, New York.  His new address is:

Elder Trey Rudd
78 McDaniel Avenue
Jamestown, NY  14701

Here is Trey’s last update (March 19th) before leaving Chambersburg, Pennsylvania:

Well, hello hello!  Do I have an update for you!  I will start off by saying I got my first baptism!!!  It was a member’s son who is twelve, so it was a gimme, but still counts!  His name is Thomas Hunt and he is probably the shyest kid I have ever met!  He is going to be a Seinfeld “low-talker” for sure!  Thomas is a great kid, but he would not go under the water!!!  He would kick and thrash and start crying when he had to go under!  Oh my lanta it took forever!  Finally he was successfully baptized and we got to go have lunch at a delicious Italian restaurant.  It was really fun because we were able to go with our 16 year old investigator, Jacob.  He has a lot of problems, but he is so cool!  We were able to teach some great lessons this week.  It’s just funny how all of our investigators will do super well and then out of no where something happens and they stop progressing.  That keeps happening with Jackie and it’s frustrating, but we just have to help her push through it.  She was trying to get me to ride her Harley last night!!  I got to fire it up though and rev the engine!  Ugh, it was so sick!  Well it has been great in Chambersburg, PA but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  I have been called to serve for the next few months in Jamestown, New York!!  I will be with Elder Boam who has two months left.  I am excited to see what the future holds!!  The church is true!

Highlights of Chambersburg

Visit to Gettysburg Battlefield

Interesting InvestigatorsJoe who looks like the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, but blonde hair instead of black.  His life was at a low and he needed something to build him back up.  He has a serious drinking problem and tried to commit suicide.  His wife, Donna, is so intrigued by how kind and willing we are to help.  She said, “I don’t know what it is about you guys but you have this different feeling about you and we want that in our lives.”

Chester is such a beast! Probably my favorite investigator – he is in his sixties, heavy smoker and a really good guy.  We were so excited to get Chester ready for baptism and…we find out he’s on probation for a DUI.  A lot of times this means they can’t be baptized.  President Topham is going to come to Chambersburg and interview Chester himself.  Hope is on the horizon!!

Jonathan was a church website referral and he was actually the one that went on and requested a Book of Mormon.  He is only 22 and I am not sure, but I think he drinks and smokes and he lives with a girlfriend and their kid but they are great!  He is seriously so smart and reads the Book of Mormon more than most of our ward members.  He asks us very deep and inspired questions.  The Spirit is definitely working on him, but there are some downsides to him.  Besides living with his girlfriend, he smokes Mary Jane EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!  It is laid out all over his counter.  He showed us this garden tent he is setting up in his house.  Yeah you can easily guess what he is planning on growing.  Yep, you got it, some more Mary Jane!   He does have some tomato plants though and things like that.  He was talking to us about weed and told us how he cooked with it a lot.  He asked us though if we would like some brownies and before we could answer he went and got them.  So pause right now…it is about 8:30 at night and I am not thinking as sharp as usual.  I am only thinking yummy, warm delicious chocolate brownies, but I really don’t even want any because I had a lot of sweets that day.  So resume…he brings a bag of brownies into us and I look at them and there are little sticks and root looking things in the brownies!!!  I asked him what the heck was in them and assuming it was no problem, told us it was weed.  Yeah, I was holding “Satan” brownies in my hand!  The Word of Wisdom lesson is going to be a challenge with him.  He is great though and we have gained a great friendship with him.

Our Apartment – Elder Mouritsen and I are living in an apartment that really needs painting and repair.  We did inherit a weight bench and weights when we were helping a family move.  We also got a new couch to replace the old, nasty red ones that were always saturated with moisture and bed bugs!  It’s a pretty cool leather one that the mission bought for us!  The other night Elder Mouritsen and I were getting ready to go to bed and we heard this girl yelling above us, “Don’t touch me _____ and get the _____ out of my house!”  We just stood there not knowing what the heck was going on.  We got our cameras ready to record.  Long story short, he ended up busting her door down and running away!  She was screaming and crying hysterically after it happened and then she called the cops.  Ugh!  I just love the people of Pennsylvania though!

Trey wrote on February 13th – This week was the most challenging so far on my mission.  We have hit brick walls with every one of our investigators.  Do you remember our “Golden Investigators” Joe and Donna?  Hmmm…well they drink pretty hard and smoke crack cocaine A LOT!  Donna is also very addicted to a number of prescription drugs.  Ugh!  They have so many problems that we will need to proceed with caution as we continue to see them (that is, IF we continue to see them).  It wasn’t just them though.  A few of the others are struggling to keep their commitments.  So Sunday comes around and we have lined up about five investigators to come to church and of course…one by one they cancel or just don’t show up.  Basically, that is my week in a nut shell!  But hold on!!!  I have learned some great lessons in this:
1.  This is for Sonny Hogle – Making a commitment and keeping your promise is one of the most important things you can do as a person.  For example, if Sonny is driving Craig and I up to Roosevelt Lake and he expects us at his house AT 6:30 a.m., we better be there!
2.  Don’t smoke crack!  (Thank you Joe and Donna and the whole messed up state of Pennsylvania that I LOVE!)
3.  Miracles don’t come until after the trials of our faith.

Lynn and Jean Kenley are a Senior Couple Missionaries serving in Chambersburg.  Sister Kenley sent an email (February 16th) to the family and had this to say about Trey:  “Your son is doing great as a new missionary.  You can tell that he has been raised well and that he has a firm footing and testimony of the Gospel.  He truly is a fine young man.  It has been fun to watch his daily growth.  He lives what he teaches and he teaches with a strong testimony and conviction.  Elder Kenley refers to him as a “sponge”.  He is always studying and calls to ask questions and wants to learn more and more.  He is a good young elder.”

Another email (March 24th) from Sister Kenley:  “Just a quick note to let you know how much we miss your son.  He is an excellent missionary and I know that he will do well wherever he serves.  He is very “outgoing” and has a strong testimony and teaches with the spirit.  We just wanted you to know that he is a terrific young man and a great missionary.  He will be missed greatly in Chambersburg, but we know that he will be doing well and loving to be in New York.”

New York New York!

Trey wrote on March 26th – Hello friends!  It has been a really good week getting to know members and other people in the area.  The area is super cool and everything, but we just don’t have anyone to teach!  We are focusing a lot on finding by knocking on doors and street contacting.  Ugh, that gets old very fast!  I didn’t believe it when I found out, but the ward consists of about 80 active members out of 600.  THERE ARE SO MANY INACTIVE PEOPLE!!!  Ugh, and they don’t go to church for the dumbest reasons!  Church was good though.  The ward members that go are very nice.  Ha ha, here is my highlight of the week and this is pathetic because it’s not that big of a deal.  My back has been killing me and a lady in the ward is a chiropractor and she readjusted my back after church.  It felt sooooo good!!!:)  I am sorry for how boring this is guys, but really this is just a dull area right now.  I am going to work really hard with Elder Boam.  Yesterday we got to teach the small amount of youth in the ward with Elder and Sister Anderson (I am so lucky to be serving in another Senior Couple Area!!!).  What we did was come up with questions that guys and girls ask when they are thinking of going on a mission such as, “How will I get the money?” or “What if I don’t know all the scriptures?”  This little twelve year old asked if missionaries are really protected on their mission, because she had heard about the ones that died in Texas and before any of us could answer, Elder Boam jumped in and went off for a couple of minutes on a rant about “If you are not exactly obedient you are more likely to die or be shot or stabbed, things like that.”  Yes, that is in quotations because he said that…I was hiding my face when he said that…I just love my companion!  On the bright side, I got to meet Bishop Porter and his wife who are from Mesa!!  You guys won’t believe this, but Jack Wright who did my braces is their brother-in-law!  Well, sorry for how boring this update is!  I love you guys:)  Oh yeah, the church is true!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey hey hey! Ugh what a week! So my first fast sunday at church was pretty interesting. We challenged a few investigators to come to church and were worried none were coming and right as the service starts...Chester walks in with Brother Ranck! It was pretty awesome. He came and sat with Mouritsen, Jim and I. Roberta came too but i am not sure we are going to be able to baptize her. I guess she has been getting taught forever! So testimony meeting started out strong with some great heartfelt testimonies! I was so glad there were no wierd or stupid stories...but oh no... up walks this lady and gets up to talk and starts going off on how people keep judging her for not coming to church and with tears in her eyes tells us that she reads her scriptures and prays every night and said other stupid things. After that the meeting spiraled out of control with wierd testimonies. Mouritsen and I were trying not to laugh so badly! Ugh it was terrible. Towards the end i made a deal with Jim that we would go up together to bear our testimonies and he did it! He did great.! Chester loved church though! He gave comments in the classes and even got emotional hearing the testimonies of others. So Pday was super lame and boring like always but the worst part is that i found out i was going on EXCHANGES!!!!:P I had to go all the way out to Waynesboro which is a tiny little drug town abour 30 miles from Chambersburg. I had to go with Elder Curl for Monday night all the way to wednesday when we have district meeting. We got to go teach his and Harrison's investigators all of tuesday. They are pretty cool people but i really missed our investigators! I ate at this place called Waynesburger though and it is so good!!! So wednesday came around and it was definately good to be back with Elder Mouritsen. Elder Curl every chance he got would let EVERYONE know i am new and it drove me nuts! Plus he would never stop talking about himself! Ugh anyways wednesday night we went and met this family from an OYM we got and we didn't know what to expect. Long story short, their last name is Rivera and they are from Puerto Rico and are freaking awesome!!! The two sisters, Sonia and Dely moved over to the U.S. when they were like fourteen and they now have 3 kids(sonia) and 6 kids(Dely). We have only met Sonia's kids who are all boys, Richard, Edwin and Vincent. They are really cool though! They might come play basketball with us some nights. We want to go to some of their games though. They are really good! Our first time meeting with them we just focused on gaining their trust by just being friends and just sharing a short message with them. We have met with them twice now and so far they are all really interested! We meet with them tomorrow and are going to teach them how families can be together forever! So Chester had a big week! We started the Stop smoking program with him on saturday and so far it is going great! However, one of the parts of the program is drinking 100% grapefruit juice after every meal and we didn't know it was a natural laxative and he didn't either...He didn't come to church the next day... Hey at least he is pooping out all the nicotine!!:D So one of the days we were just walking downtown and saw a man staring at us like we were demons sent straight from Hell and we started going towards him and immediately just started screaming his head off yelling at us to GO AWAY!! It was so dang wierd! I love it though, every time we experience people like that, the next fifteen minutes is us imitating their voice or things they said to us:) We met a few Hatian guys and girls this week! They speak like seven languages! I honestly think that people that live in those places have the natural ability to learn languages. They are really cool though and somewhat interested in hearing our lessons. We actually almost got them to church this last sunday but no luck. We did get Philip though! He is one of our other investigators. Oh yeah we have nine progressing investigators right now! No big deal:) Well i have to keep this short because Mouritsen and I only have one computer:/ One thing that sucks though about our ward is that nobody signs up to feed us!! First of all we can't afford to feed ourselves and second of all how can we get refferalls if no one feeds us!! Yes i am accepting money donations for Elder Mouritsen and I:) Haha anyways have a great week everyone! The church is true! I love you:)
Oh ps for all who are wondering. No it isn't that cold. All my clothes are warm enough. Mom send me more t shirts cause i only have two. Um.. yeah no snow :(

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ok ok ok well hello everyone. It has been a very good week! Emphasis on the Very! First off i have been able to workout every morning with our limited weights we have but i have been able to get A LOT bigger! One of the investigators we are teaching is Tom and he is like 320lbs and like 6'6! I don't have any idea how Mouritsen or I will be able to baptize him! Anyone know if two people can baptize one?? But anyways he owns a nutrition shop so we buy all our protein powder stuff there. He gives us pretty good deals! I will start off with him though. Mouritsen and his former companion, Elder Stewart, had been teaching him for about two months and we were finally able to teach him again after the holidays. Brother Piercey came with us to teach him. He is a really fun guy to be around! For those of you who were wondering about the members, THEY ARE GRRRRREAT!!! They love to help us for the most part. We taught Tom about temples and why they are so important. We started by just briefly running over the plan of salvation and focused on where we are going after this life(the spirit world). He thought it was so awesome how we do temple work for those who didn't have the chance to be baptized and things like that. He is really close to his dad so the fact that he can be with him forever and the rest of his family. In the past Tom just liked learning about the Lds religion but didn't gain much from it. In this lesson that we taught him, he really came to an understanding of what was so special about our religion. We invited him to be baptized and he wants to!! Haha we still have so much to do so that doesn't mean to much but we will see what happens:)
Ok on to the next great investigator. Chester Fant is such a beast! He is a black guy, probably in his sixties, heavy smoker, really good guy though. We have been teaching him since i got here and he is probably my favorite investigator. He has really liked and accepted what we have taught him and it made sense to him that Christ would show himself to other nations, not just one. Everytime we invite him to read a chapter or two he always fulfills the commitments. We asked him to be baptized on January 28 and he said yes! Last week we invited him to church and he said yes! So yeah we are really excited:) We had Brother Rank go and pick him up...but no one was coming to the door and he wouldn't answer his phone... Yeah we were pretty bummed out but it happens.. We tried the next few days to get ahold of him but it was a no answer every time:/ We thought he might be avoiding us or that he was scared of these recent comitments but we really needed to talk to him. Thursday we decided we should just go to the house and here is what happened... We walked up to the door and knocked and there was no answer. We knocked again... no answer. We waited there for about five minutes but for some reason we just didn't move. We started to smell smoke and turned around to see his neighbor outside smoking. We were pretty discouraged and a little worried as to what might have happened to Chester. We started to leave but for some reason i felt like i should ask his neighbor if he knows Chester and he said no he has never met him.. At this point i am way confused!! So we start to walk back up the alley away from Chester's appartment and one more impression came to me.. Turn around.. Soo i did. And it was just at the point if i would have taken another step, Chester's area would have been out of sight. Because i stopped and turned around, i saw Chester walk around the corner going to his front door. We went to talk to him and he gladly let us in! We were able to find out he drank a little to much on New years eve and had a pretty bad hangover on sunday. He felt really guilty though and didn't feel right going but we quickly helped him realize that church is not a synagauge for saints but a hospital for sinners. This meeting was very important because we were able to teach Chester the Word of Wisdom which we hadn't done yet. Before we even talked about it, Chester talked about how he wished he could walk or ride his bike longer without getting short winded. He expressed how he wanted to quit smoking before we even taught the lesson!!!! Crazy right?!?! He said he would follow the word of wisdom though. Tomorrow we are going over again to start the stop smoking program with him:) God really does prepare the people we teach. So this is pretty long so i will wrap it up. We got a referral for these people that were a little different. This guy had been married once before and told us ALL about his first wife and about how happy he was with his second wife but how much he hates his family(how the gospel blesses family lesson was out of the picture). They started asking us about the trinity and we started to tell them it is God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost who are all seperate beings with bodies like us except the Holy Ghost but they are all one in purpose and he cut us off and started ranting about how they are just one person all in one. Let me tell you friends... I had to shut my mouth so hard and Mouritsen did too. We could have used so many scriptures but we just decided to move on. And then the wife cut in, thinking she is a genius said and i quote, " It just makes sense to me in the prayer of baptism, i baptize you in the name of the father AND the son AND the Holy ghost, that they are one person. That makes sense right??" Once again I had to keep my mouth shut. But of course i still love them:) Ugh we didn't get past the first part of the lesson which is God is our loving Heavenly Father. I asked if he had ever heard about Joseph Smith and he was like "boy i know more about the mormon church than you could ever imagine yourself to know". My response: Oh cool have you ever read the book of mormon and prayed about it? Of course he said no and i bore my testimony to him that trusting in the word of man will get him no where but trusting in the word of God...well then anything is possible. We just hurried and got out of there. Seed planted. Ugh great week though. There were more roses than thorns but still had to endure a lot! Yesterday came around and waiting at church we see Bert come in(a member's mom who has not been baptized but is one of our investigators). And right after Chester comes in! And then Jim, who is our recent convert! He is such a great guy! I will get a picture of him so you all can see:) I made a deal with Jim though that if i got up to bare my testimony he would have to go up with me and he did awesome! Geez this gospel is so awesome:) Everyone read your scriptures because "they will teach us all things what we should do." The church is true! I love you all:) Love Elder Rudd

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy new year! So saturday we had to be in by six since its a holiday and they want to protect us from crazy drivers. At noon we went and taught Jacob who is an investigator we tracted into on friday. It really is amazing to see how willing some people are to learn more about the gospel. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how important it is to know that we have a prophet here today that receives revelation for all of us. He took the lesson very well and is very excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We even challenged him to baptism and he said yeah! Problem is though is that he just got put on probation for possesion of Marijuana but i know that with our faith things will work out for the good. Oh someone can't be baptized if they are on probation...Bummer right?! So anyways we had a dinner appointment with Ika and Leavitt at the Ohara's. We threw the football around for a little and went inside and watched the kids play video games. They live on a farm out a ways from the town so there is literally nothing to do out there. We finally ate and got home about seven and just hung out at our apartment. Ika and Leavitt stayed with us and we played chess, monopoly and talked about life. So Sunday I gave my first talk about the importance of studying the scriptures and i thought i did really good! I didn't even look at my paper during the talk! Yeah i was proud of myself:) The ward is awesome though. That night i ate at the Stake President's house and he had his huge family over for the New Year's dinnner. His name is President Hurley, he is a great guy. He does a lot of marathons and these fifty mile races. He is pretty hardcore, mom! So at dinner i experienced my first bad food experience.....Sourkraut.......It is the nastiest thing i have ever tasted! It literally tasted like throw up going back into my body! Mouritsen hated it too. We had mashed potatoes and roast beef though so that was very good:) It reminded me of sunday dinners at home so much! So that's about it! I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday break! I love you guys! The Church is true! -Elder Rudd

Friday, December 30, 2011

He made it!

Elder Rudd made it safely to Chambersburg Pennsylvania. His mission companion is Elder Mouritsen who has only been out in the field for 3 months! Trey said he is awesome and they are a lot alike. Trey said they came across a pretty interesting guy. The guy was telling Trey and his companion that he could see scriptures scrolling across their faces for him to read and that his grandpa was a prophet. Elder Rudd says to tell everybody hello!